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La liste de toutes les mises à jour de Factory Town.

Accès Anticipé[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

.103[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 03-April-2019

  • Added ability to reposition buildings with the Move tool
  • Improved effects for linking logic blocks and setting offsets
  • Input won't update when mouse pointer is offscreen
  • Fixed move / harvest icon showing when hovering over inventory panel
  • Move Tool icon appears on cursor when in move tool mode
  • Refactored cursor code to be more flexible in the future
  • Fixed bug where terrain mesh highlight was not updating instantaneously on terrain modification
  • Cursor no longer hits existing buildings when placing (or moving) new buildings
  • Removed camera speed boost based on cursor movement
  • SHIFT key will speed camera movement
  • Camera movement default is slightly slower when zoomed in and slighlty faster when zoomed out
  • Fixed bug in Primary Targeting mode where hitting ESC to cancel a selection would prevent future selection
  • Fixed Depleted Mana Crystals not being rollable down chutes
  • Buildings will connect to existing Steam & Mana connectors when built or moved
  • Fixed 'linked resources' panel interfering with mouse cursor highlight
  • Fixed camera movement being interrupted by selected buildings' inventory change
  • Fixed camera movement being interrupted when cursor off edge of screen

.102[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 27-March-2019

  • Added new Video option: Converyor Belt Animations (On, Off, or Slow)
  • Added new Video option: Mana Transmission Effects (On or Off)
  • Farms, Foresters, and Mines no longer default to automatically manage recipes
  • Increased threshold for beginning rectangular drag selection, which could otherwise cancel intended selection actions
  • Selection rectangle searches for center of mass, not transform base at ground level
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't click on a worker's inventory to clear it or assign a designated item
  • Fixed terrain purchse panel being clickable after hitting it once
  • Fixed bug where restoring maps with Empty biome (e.g. Creative maps) would generate resources on newly purchased terrain chunks
  • Markets that are highlighted and/or selected will show active radius
  • Improved UI performance by removing text shadows
  • Fixed broken navigation on newly purchased water
  • Fixed getting stuck in camera move mode if menu opened while moving
  • Fixed UI not updating when changing a Logistic block item filter
  • Removed some obsolete, non-functional filters from Item Filter selection panel
  • Fixed town Happiness not updating when house runs out of resource

.101[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 26-March-2019

  • Added ability to drag a selection rectangle on screen that can be used to select a single worker (multi-select and group orders coming in future patch)
  • Fixed misc errors & crashes that can occur related to selecting & highlighting growing crops
  • Fixed worker unit highlight titles being non-localized or incorrect
  • Fixed being unable to move camera after deleting worker
  • Extended range of flexible house dropoff behavior from 20 units to 30 units
  • Updated localization

.100[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 25-March-2019

  • Improved highlight / selection effects
  • Fixed some errors / crashes that could occur if changing item filter or other properties on objects while its state is changed elsewhere
  • Rail stop now updates block color to reflect active state
  • If Steam Cloud is disabled for Steam Account or for Factory Town, games will save in local (non-cloud) location

.099[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 21-March-2019

  • Can now target by clicking once on source and once on destination, in addition to old way of click-dragging from source to target
  • Deliver To Nearest is now obsolete - except will be automatically enabled when targeting a house (as that is critical to early game)
  • Some more highlight effects added when issuing a targeted worker command (are work-in-progress though)
  • Resources can be deleted if underwater
  • Fixed icon over worker carrying item interfering with targeting raycast
  • Detailed chute item incompatibility message will appear more commonly

.098[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 19-March-2019

  • Improved some pathfinding performance
  • Fixed performance issue where specified dropoffs to invalid targets would endlessly assign new Discard behaviors
  • Activating a Hotbar item when it's active will toggle it off
  • 'Open Build Menu' hotkey will work even if currently building something
  • Build menu categories are always enabled, even if no items within it are unlocked
  • Build menu displays previously opened category when re-opening
  • Fixed tutorial step 'Supply Chute' having wrong keymapping displays
  • Fixed 'Required Base Level' tooltip being off by 1

.097[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 18-March-2019

  • Increased size of Worker hitbox to make selection easier
  • Fixed bug preventing Chute dropoffs with adjacent (valid) endpoints
  • Improved performance and perhaps stability related to Context Command menu
  • Added slight delay & acceleration to screen edge scrolling
  • Added screen edge scrolling to corners

.096[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 17-March-2019

  • Now with a much improved Russian translation

.095[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 17-March-2019

  • Fixed load failure with particular mana pipe configuration
  • If save fails, keeps file menu up and shows error message
  • Prevented invalid characters from being input into save dialog
  • Lowered research cost for Mana Reactor, so supplies could fit in school inventory
  • Open Worker Menu added to re-bindable key list
  • Fixed localization error in German for 'bring item to target'
  • More updates to French and German localization

.094[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 16-March-2019

  • Updated Unity to new version that should avoid crash for players with Citrix installed

.093[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 15-March-2019

  • Fixes random-appearing items being output from buildings if they had 'Fuel' and then active recipe switched away from fuel

.092[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 15-March-2019

  • Fixed error loading save game files that had mana pipes stretched over unpurchased terrain
  • Various updates to French translation

.091[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 15-March-2019

  • Improved German translation
  • Autosave will now trigger on new maps that haven't yet been given a specific savegame name (as '_Autosave')
  • Autosave can be loaded with 'Continue' function if it was the most recent save

.090[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 14-March-2019

  • Fixed spinning skybox ('blue screen') on launch due to Steamworks not initializing , then failing to proceed with startup

.089[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 13-March-2019

  • Fixed items sometimes getting stuck at the start of a chute.

.088[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 13-March-2019

  • Fixed bug/exploit where placing long paths would generate additional resources
  • Fixed text formatting issue in Spanish tutorial on step 'Create Market'
  • Fixed text formatting issue in Frecn tutorial on step 'Collect Plank'

Bêta Fermée[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

End of Closed Beta - 12 March 2019. Releases to steam early access.

.087[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 12-March-2019

  • Added credits page
  • Fixed some label formatting
  • Removed the consumption speed penalty for high fulfillment levels of goods - feature needs more work

.086[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 11-March-2019

  • Added new interface option for "Targeting Method": lets you decide if right-click or left-click should perform the targeted action of a selected object, e.g. telling a selected worker to gather resource, or telling a selected logic block to link to another. Should default to PRIMARY (previous style) for previous players, but new players will have it default to SECONDARY. I kept secondary action defaulted as camera look mode when nothing is selected.
  • added a few more sound effects

.085[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 11-March-2019

  • Building upgrades are refunded when building removed
  • Fixed being unable to remove fences on top of structural blocks
  • Added acceleration to camera pan input if mouse cursor towards the desired screen edge
  • Houses that have more than 90% fulfillment of a category will consume an item from that category at half speed

.084[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 10-March-2019

  • Added tips when starting or loading a map, which can be disabled with Interface option
  • Added tips to Help menu (and improved formatting)
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't perform Farming actions near edge of unpurchased terrain

.083[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 07-March-2019

  • Fixed incorrect scaling of many icons when using UI scaling
  • Added new UI scaling options 'auto', which resizes UI to fit screen resolution
  • Added more detailed info to Help menu

.082a[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 07-Mar-2019

  • Tutorial will skip 'Assign planks recipe' if you've already assigned it
  • Added unique icons for Natural Resource versions of items (trees, rocks)
  • Potatoes and Carrots don't sink into the ground as far
  • Fixed path-drag cost being 1 over actual cost
  • Improved some menu visuals
  • Added more localization values, and partial localization for Swedish, Dutch, German, and Portuguese

.082[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 05-Mar-2019

  • Tutorial now advanced by the click of a button, to give players more time to read the information.
  • Added localization support for Tutorial and Tips
  • Disabled InControl Native Input module, which was causing crashes on some systems
  • Fixed navigation error that could occur if Worker targeted a resource type that they were currently standing on top of
  • Lowered Grain Mill and Workshop stone cost from 20 to 10
  • Increased storage capacity for Base inventory slots in early levels

.081[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 02-Mar-2019

  • Added logic to allow targeting of fish resources even if a scaffold block is directly underwater
  • Block remove tool works on scaffolds immediately below fish
  • Remove Resource tool works on fish contained within scaffold blocks
  • Added tutorial popup windows for chutes, rails, and logistics
  • Fixed blank tutorial popup windows appearing

.080[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 01-Mar-2019

  • Path Planner Tool will update existing path endcaps at start and end of path
  • Can now use path planner tool even if click down location is initially an invalid block for cursor path direction
  • Fixed being able to place buildings or structures on occupied sub-nodes
  • Fixed item tooltips persisting after hitting Upgrade button
  • Added new decorative items Flower Dirt Mound, Flower Planter, Potted Flowers, Potted Plant, Wood Bench, Stone Bench
  • Fixed misc errors caused by trying to delete a Mana Connector that is not above a building, but had Mana Pipe Item in it
  • Hid the ZZZ alert bubble over workers without a command
  • Added welcome message for new players that shows up on starting first game
  • Made informational popups exclusive modal windows (that pause game) so they are harder to accidentally click through and miss
  • Prevented ability to deliver items to middle of chute

.079[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 28-Feb-2019

Includes a HUGE new quality-of-life feature - a path planner! Now when placing roads, rails, chutes, and belts, you can just drag from A to B and the game will handle all the path curves & scaffolding for you. It may still get tripped up in very complex situations - post in #bugs if you see any and I'll try to fix.

Also in this patch:

  • Changed base Grain harvest speed from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds
  • Purchasing block of terrain starts at 1000 yellow coins and increases by 1000 for every chunk purchased, perpetually
  • Increased Market radius by 20%
  • Removed coin cost from Void block, but increased placement cost to 1000 yellow coins

.078[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 25-Feb-2019

  • Added informational popups to complex systems (usually appearing when research completes): Farming, Mana Transmission, Mana Power, Farming, and Chutes
  • Added new research: Mana Power, that unlocks Enchanter, Recharger, Mana Connector, as well as Elemental Extraction research
  • Reduced base size to prevent worker clipping
  • Fixed a couple missing localization strings
  • Increased knowledge cost of late-game mana research, and added Purified Mana as ingredient
  • Fixed 'add fire booster' recipe requiring Air Crystals instead of Fire Crystals
  • Added tooltips to the completed research unlock notifications panel
  • Fixed missing Fruit icon

.077[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 24-Feb-2019

  • Apples and Pears are now harvested exclusively by Forester, not Farm
  • Elemental Ores renamed to Elemental Stones
  • Elemental Shards renamed to Elemental Ether
  • Mana Extractor renamed to Elemental Refinery
  • Tiles will be properly highlighted when placing resources or farming actions near mines, foresters, and farms
  • Added tooltips to Build menu
  • Added pause / unpause button to player action panel
  • Updated some more item icons
  • Disabled Water Sensor for now
  • Added tutorial step to select Lumber Mill recipe

.076[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 22-Feb-2019

  • Improved layout of Create Game panel
  • Reduced size of Kitchen building
  • Increased size of belt and chute items
  • Added logic that should assist items deposited into the middle of chutes to go the correct preferred direction

.075[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 20-Feb-2019

  • New models for Base, Stone Mason, Workshop, Extractor, Enchanter, Forester, Magic Forge, Packager, Farm, Steam Generator, Machine Shop, Recharger, Extractor, and Mine
  • Can now have multiple biomes per map. Legacy maps will remain as single biomes, but when starting new map can select primary & available biomes
  • Unpurchased terrain is now displayed as revealed terrain next to purchased map, resources are still hidden until purchase
  • Added many more biome options - deserts, swamps, lakes, high mountains, canyons, etc etc
  • Maps default to a fixed size and blend like an island at the edges, but option for infinite map size remains
  • Added Expert scenario with more challenging terrain defaults
  • Biomes can affect terrain texture, grass amount, and resource amounts
  • Icons now appear when hovering on workers, buildings, and resources to provide info
  • Holding down data overlay keys displays more information about buildings
  • Added helpful icons next to cursor to when targeting agent behaviors
  • Added tooltip for adding / removing logic links
  • Added cloud particles effect around edges of map
  • Starting workers now start a bit further away from base
  • Fixed backwards rotation on worker unit body
  • Hid the 'Edit Map' button until functionality is more developed
  • Title song fades out when beginning a game from initial launch
  • Updated building icons to reflect new models
  • Increased default amount of resources in Gold ore deposits
  • Changed Recharger recipe time from 6 seconds to 4 seconds (until upgrades can be added later)
  • Camera has some movement restrictions based on terrain boundaries
  • Fixed large cost values getting truncated (e.g. when purchasing terrain)
  • Added background music controls - Right Bracket advances to next song, Left Bracket jumps to beginning of song or previous song
  • Fixed bug with menu buttons remaining highlighted after cursor moved off them

.074a[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 13-Feb-2019

  • fixes the grass display bug

.074[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 13-Feb-2019

  • Fixed bug where sprites would be variable sizes on path logic structures
  • Added new models for Grain Mill, General Store, Worker, Wagon, Minecart, rail tiles
  • Added terrain grass that can be grown or cut using cursor tools, and shows up by default on new maps (NOTE: this isn't working great right now. you may want to disable grass for now if it looks bad, and I'll patch it up soon)
  • Added decorative Lamp Post (unlocks with Forge)
  • Added French localization
  • Many structures no longer convert underlying grass to dirt
  • Terrain displays new texture for grassy ground or cliff rocks
  • Fixed the Interface options panel showing Video Preferences title
  • Changed tint of iron ore
  • Fixed some missing item tooltips

.073[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 11-Feb-2019

  • Fixed multi-recipe select checkboxes not working
  • Fixed bug where shrines would receive inconsistent amount of mana from pipe items based on whether it was created or loaded
  • Added popup window explaining valid items that can be placed on chutes, if you try to place invalid item
  • Fixed very high terrain & buildings appearing above pipe overlay grid
  • Fixed bug where buildings would appear underneath center of map if build+dragged over a UI element
  • Made mana pipes truly invisible when in normal terrain view instead of having 'ghost' shapes
  • Structures that got buried underneath terrain due to previous bugs will now get automatically cleaned when loading game file
  • Disabled 'Dam' structure

.072[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 09-Feb-2019

  • Optimized pathfinding and allowed longer path searches
  • Fixed mana receivers sometimes generating invalid output items
  • Added Spanish and Simplified Chinese translation options
  • Made mana ores brigher and transparent

.071[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 08-Feb-2019

  • Added many new models for buildings and resources
  • Fixed 'empty' biome generating resources when purchasing additional terrain chunks
  • Fixed terrain dicontinuities that would occur if modifying edges of existing terrain and then purchasing neighboring terrain
  • Fixed some cursor highlight messages remaining visible after hovering off target
  • Added hovering building alerts when a building is missing recipe or research, can click to immediately open recipe panel
  • Fixed bug where Earth Shrine would not regenerate depleted minerals
  • Fixed being unable to move camera with hotkeys when cursor over menu panels
  • Improved reliability of building inventory targeting panel
  • Fixed Mana Connector not unlocking with Mana Transmission research
  • Fixed depleted Crystals not responding correctly to logistic block item filters while on mana pipes
  • Fixed mana pipe items appearing to stack / disappear if a node adjacent to the transmitter spawner had a logistic block on it
  • Fixed mana pipe items not always using all available outlets immediately after spawning from transmitter into pipe

.070[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 31-Jan-2019

  • Fixed migration of legacy files on OSX
  • Fixed terrain changes not preserving with save file
  • Added new rock & terrain textures
  • Many natural resources now have display name different than their resource name (e.g. 'Apple Tree' instead of just 'Apple')

.069[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 30-Jan-2019

  • Fixed bug where new saves would be inadvertently moved to Backup folder instead of saving normally
  • Fixed bug where new saves of legacy files would have gaps in terrain corners

.068[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 29-Jan-2019

  • Save files are now in json format with .sav extension
  • Many optimizations done to shrink save file size up to 10X
  • Save files are now in their proper folder of 82Apps / Factory Town (this will, unfortunately, reset your game preferences)
  • Added Steam Cloud support for syncing files
  • Fixed being able to delete mana transmitter and receiver pipe nodes
  • Rotate key (R) now rotates buildings again, instead of opening recipe panel
  • Fixed some physical items getting stuck in visible state when quitting map to main menu
  • Fixed fire and water shrines having output node in wrong position

.067[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 23-Jan-2019

  • Fixed bug that would build duplicate buildings if placement resulted in unlock notification panel
  • Fixed locked structures and blocks not showing correct locked icon & tooltips
  • Fixed resource bonus not correctly reducing when nearby stone / ore became depleted
  • Fixed sometimes building outputs getting stuck, due to miscellaneous errors on Build Menu updates

.066[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 22-Jan-2019

  • Mines now gain production speed bonus based on number of nearby (full) resource nodes
  • When mines deplete a resource node it now enters 'depleted' state, can still be mined but provides no speed bonus
  • Added more autosave interval options
  • Disabled Air Shrine until functionality can be implemented

.065[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 22-Jan-2019

  • Trying to drop off non-chute item to chute will result in an error message isntead of stalled worker
  • Fixed workers sometimes failing to deliver items if path started from a previously crop-occupied node
  • Alert bubble appears if you try to output a non-chute item from a production building onto a chute
  • Added locked items to Build menu, in disabled state
  • Added to chute-compatible list: all farm output items, and eggs
  • Added tooltips to locked build items & recipes to indicate what missing requirements are
  • Added screen edge scrolling, which can be enabled / disabled with interface preference
  • Autosave interval can now be adjusted to 3, 5, 10 minutes, or off

.064[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 18-Jan-2019

  • Added building maximums for all markets, that increase with Base level
  • Added limited range of 20 block circular radius for markets being able to interact with houses
  • Removed building maximum limits when in creative mode
  • Fixed physical items sometimes spawning with wrong rotation
  • Fixed packager stopping production because it was erroneously in 'input starved' state when in fact output was full

.063[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 17-Jan-2019

  • Added customizable Inventory Hotbar beneath town status panel - tracks specified item types (click to reassign)
  • Fixed bug being unable to transmit mana
  • Fixed icon and description for Mana Transmitter recipe
  • Fixed icon for 'Gadgets' sell category
  • Changed Veggie Stew value from 10 Red Coins to 16 Yellow Coins
  • Can now sell Wood Wheels in the General Store / Gadgets category for 8 Yellow Coins
  • Can now sell Cloth Conveyor Belts in the General Store / Gadgets category for 22 Yellow Coins
  • Can now sell Iron Wheels in the General Store / Gadgets category for 4 Blue Coins

.062[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 17-Jan-2019

  • Big performance improvements for large towns with lots of moving items
  • Added UI Scaling options in Interface settings panel
  • Consolidated on-screen player inventory display to just currencies
  • Added new inventory panel to display entire contents of player's shared inventory
  • Added 'Context Inventory Panel' above build functions to display inventory counts relevant for current build item
  • Fixed bug where deleting crops would become prohibitively slow
  • Better memory usage for more stability
  • Fixed missing remappable key for Economy menu
  • Removed currencies from item filter list
  • Fixed erroneous 'no recipe selected' tooltip on Market
  • Added text truncation for when currencies are in the millions (!)
  • Houses that get supplied are now random, to achieve performance improvement
  • Empty storage buildings will display assigned Item Filters on worker command targeting panel

.061[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 11-Jan-2019

New Features

  • Added Elemental Temples (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) which are scattered around undiscovered terrain tiles
  • Temples perform Purification research (instead of School), and Forge mana crystals (instead of Mana Forge)
  • If current / legacy map contains no temples, one of each can be manually placed
  • Renamed Teleporter to Reactor, and removed Teleportation recipe
  • Reactor now produces Omnistones, which are used for many late-game building upgrades and eventually in near-infinite research
  • Added error icon to craft recipes if missing ingredients, output is blocked, lacks required mana power, etc
  • Added Magma item, which provides 8 fuel
  • Added Water Shrines, which use transmitted Water elemental power to generate Water
  • Added Fire Shrines, which use transmitted Fire elemental power to generate Magma
  • Added Earth Shrines, which use transmitted Earth elemental power to regenerate nearby natural resources
  • Mines now consume resource nodes during production, with the assumption they can be regenerated by Earth shrines
  • Natural resources linked to Earth Shrines will not disappear when resource count reaches 0
  • All Enchanter recipes are now powered by overhead Mana transmission, not by consuming Mana crystals. As such, enchanter also now requires Mana Transmission knowledge
  • Mana Boosts are now an upgrade, as opposed to automatically created when a mana connector is applied. Only 1 is available per building, based on the building’s type
  • Added status bar to building inspector panel that displays active positive / negative production speed modifiers
  • Cursor displays 'no recipe assigned' when hovering over a building in that state
  • Can puchase Omnistone upgrades to most buildings, each resulting in 40% production bonus

Balance changes & Improvements

  • Omnistone recipe moved from Enchanter to Reactor
  • Mana Pipe recipe moved from Enchanter to Mana Forge
  • Magic Conveyor Belt recipe moved from Machine Shop to Mana Forge
  • Rail Tile recipe moved from Rail Depot to Machine Shop
  • Magic Rail Tile recipe moved from Rail Depot to Mana Forge
  • Minerals / Ores placed using Farming tools only are filled to 10% of capacity
  • Renamed 'Steam Power Plant' to 'Steam Generator'
  • 'Jewelry' research renamed to 'Enchanted Accessories', is prerequesite for Magic Cloak and Magic Robe as well as mana-based jewelry
  • Mana Extractor now has specific recipes for each crushable ore type
  • Buildings with 4 or more outputs will be displayed as a grid instead of a list of individual slots
  • Mana Connectors are automatically added when starting or ending a mana pipe over a building
  • Production speed bonuses are additive instead of multiplicative
  • Happiness boost is now additive 10% for every 10 happiness
  • Changed many base upgrade level costs - final level costs 100 Omnistone, which is now the final upgrade
  • Rail Depots are now obsolete and unbuildable
  • Enchanted Iron renamed Mana Brick, is made at Mana Forge from Mana Crystal and Stone Brick, and used in many late-game buildings instead of Stone Brick
  • Enchanted Iron removed from Magic Belt / Magic Rail recipes
  • Added Wool ingredient to Magic Cloak recipe
  • Added Iron Plate ingredient to Necklace and Crown recipe

Bug Fixes

  • Modifying terrain near roads will now destroy them, instead of leaving them hanging in midair
  • Added build cost logistic and compute blocks that were missing it
  • Fixed stale inventory panel from displaying if quitting game in progress and starting new one
  • Fixed bug where players could open up recipe select panel and disable recipe on building that only produces one thing
  • Fixed bug where building path of mana pipes and steam pipes would not calculate correct number of placed pipes
  • Fixed some items like 'Earth Ore' not displaying their production building source in tooltips
  • Fixed Mines not linking to Gold Ore (or autoselecting Gold Ore recipe)
  • When in creative mode, coin resources for crafting recipes are not required or consumed
  • Fixed bug if farm/forester processed its last crop of a particular type
  • Fixed bug if farm/forester/mine would not initialize production when new resource added in range
  • Fixed bug where crop/tree regrowth might not re-trigger harvest building production if multiple buildings linked to the same resource
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't delete mana pipe nodes on top of transmitter / receiver nodes
  • Fixed bug where changes to Steam Power or Mana Boosters would not be applied to building
  • Fixed bug where Counter blocks could not be properly updated with Set function
  • Fixed bug where move tool wouldn't work on Rail Carts
  • Fixed bug where standalone Fertilizer recipe would produce infinitely
  • Fixed bug where workers would use House-targeting when Delivering All goods from a building, even if picked-up good is not sellable
  • Fixed bug where workers attempt to deliver to an incredibly far and even inaccessible market instead of a nearby house
  • Fixed bug where replacing chute or rail tile would keep costing resources
  • Fixed error instructing players to bring Planks to the Food Market

.060[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 31-Dec-2018

  • Added new icons for all buildings, blocks, and worker units
  • Added new Worker panel (default: K) that shows each worker's current assignment
  • Added hotkey to open Recipe Select panel (default: R) when a building is selected
  • Buildings are now rotated by selecting with the Move tool, and hitting Rotate (default: R)
  • Hotkeys are displayed in tooltips when hovering over bottom-left player action buttons
  • Sorter with no Item Filter will sort everything (previously sorted nothing)
  • Pressing ESC or Cancel (Z) while in a modal menu won't remove current selection
  • Fixed icons for Logistic Block active state on/off
  • Toggle blocks now show icon on physical block
  • Fixed display of conveyor belts and rail tiles when moved as physical items
  • Fixed bug that allowed placement of buildings on Steam / Mana overlay layers

.059[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 27-Dec-2018

  • Fixed bug preventing selection of logic block offsets and connections
  • Sound effect plays when linking logic blocks of placing offsets
  • Removed apple icon from Agent Trigger 'type' property
  • Fixed obsolete building previews from appearing when placing sensor offsets
  • Fixed packagers outputting all items on belts even if supposed to be used for packing / unpacking
  • Farms now always have water / fertilizer as reserved input slot, so it won't output them if those recipes deactivated

.058[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 20-Dec-2018

  • Fixed Farms / Foresters not restarting if waiting for crop growth
  • Performance improvement when crop growth completes
  • Fixed schools continuing to produce (and spend) research recipes that were completed
  • Fixed bug where players could place natural resources on Farm Tiles or Tree Planters that already had a crop or resource

.057a/b/c[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 20-Dec-2018

  • Fixed legacy farms, houses, mines not selecting all relevant recipes
  • Fixed town happiness changes not immediately affecting production speed
  • Fixed single-recipe buildings (wells, transmitters, receivers, rechargers, etc) not initializing with any production recipe

.057[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 20-Dec-2018

  • Buildings can now be assigned multiple simultaneous recipes (shift+click in recipe select menu, or use the toggle checkboxes). Production will be distributed amongst active recipes
  • Replaced Farms, Forester and Mine random outputs with specific production recipes for each relevant crop or mineral, each with own production time & costs
  • Buildings will have their input and output slots act as a combination of all assigned recipes
  • Buildings with multiple assigned recipes can pull ingredients from one recipe from the output of another
  • Farms, Foresters, Mines, and Houses have option to auto-manage recipes which frequently change based on upgrade level or nearby resources
  • New recipe system improves memory usage, reduces garbage collection
  • Houses now split consumption into 4 difference recipes (consume food / general goods / medicine / specialty goods)
  • House recipe consumption speed does not slow when consuming multiple recipes
  • Houses only display supply requirements compatible with their upgrade level
  • Farms and Mines from legacy saves should automatically activate the correct recipes based on nearby resources
  • Improved appearance of various UI fill bars and buttons
  • Most production buildings don't start with a default recipe
  • Can now use Remove Resource tool to remove Fish
  • Fixed missing tooltip on production time icon
  • Fixed bug where creating Mana Receiver underneath occupied mana pipe would not produce anything
  • Fixed bug that would break all path calculations in a game session if the player modified block data on map edge
  • Fixed Medical Wrap recipe missing from Workshop
  • Value for Antidote increased from 4 blue coins to 10
  • Value for Bread decreased from 16 blue coins to 12
  • Value for Sandwich increased from 25 blue coins to 30

.056a[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 12-Dec-2018

  • Fixed all fruit not being accepted for fruit-based recipes (Fruit Juice, Jam)
  • Fixed markets accepting non-compatible goods

.056[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 12-Dec-2018

  • Fixed Cotton growing at extremely slow rates
  • Farm actions ('Plant Grain') loaded into customized hotbar will now save / load correctly
  • Fixed errors loading maps that have very high or very low blocks
  • Fixed Fruit Juice recipe not consuming inputs
  • Moved Jewelry recipes (Fire Ring, Water Ring, Necklace, Crown) from Workshop to Enchanter
  • Added missing Antidote recipe to Kitchen
  • Fixed large recipes not correctly aligning their icons within recipe list
  • Added Fuel requirement to Fish Stew, Meat Stew, and Veggie Stew
  • Fixed Recipe List panel not updating when available recipes changed
  • Fixed Completed or Disabled research recipes from showing up in School recipe select menu
  • Berries can now be used to make Fruit Juice
  • Fixed Gold Ore being unharvestable by Workers or Drills
  • Gold Ore is now rollable in Chutes
  • Added sphere to represent carried Gold Ore
  • Fixed configuration error with Veggie Stew recipe producing Fish Stew
  • Cloth value reduced from 5 to 4 red coins
  • Butter value reduced from 8 to 4 red coins
  • Fish Stew value increased from 10 to 12 red coins
  • Fish Stew requires 2 tomatoes instead of 1
  • Shirt (outfit) reduced from 16 to 10 red coins
  • Warm Coat reduced from 15 to 12 blue coins
  • Gold Ingot requires 4 gold ore instead of 2
  • Apple Pie value reduced from 10 purple coins to 6

.055a[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 11-Dec-2018

  • Fixed bug where Farm Chicken recipe at Pasture was configured as a duplicate Wool recipe
  • Fixed many new crops growing instantly
  • Fertilizer worth 1 fuel instead of 2
  • Wood worth 2 fuel instead of 1
  • Fixed text labels of new crop planting actions
  • Fixed General Goods Gadgets being classified as Tools
  • Hid planting recipes for Dragon Fruit and Cactus Fruit, which are not yet implemented in recipes

.055[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 10-Dec-2018

  • Added items: Berries, Carrot, Raw Chicken, Cooked Chicken, Egg, Cloak, Magic Cloak, Cotton, Crown, Cooked Fish, Fish Stew, Fruit Juice, Meat Stew, Medical Wrap, Necklace, Gold Ore, Gold Ingot, Pear, Apple Pie, Polished Stone, Potato, Fire Ring, Water Ring, Sandwich, Shoe, Tomato, Veggie Stew, and Warm Coat
  • Added interface option to disable Currency Gain alerts from houses
  • Improved memory performance of Currency Gain alerts
  • Made House Goods Supply panel more compact
  • Adjusted resource generation to have less uniform distribution of resources
  • Added Jewelry research necessary for: smelting Gold Ingots; Making Crown, Fire & Water Ring, Necklace, and Polished Stone; and for placing Gold Ore mineral nodes.
  • If Create Game menu scenario is changed, and biome is modified, the biome regenerates
  • When placing structural blocks and paths, buildings no longer block cursor
  • Generic 'Deliver All' command now delivers all items from a building even if recipe or building inventory changes
  • Generic 'Supply All' command now supply all items to a building even if recipe changes
  • Workers attempting to Supply All will discard carried items if they reach target building and input recipe has changed
  • Pickaxe sell price increased from 10 blue coins to 15 blue coins
  • Magic Robe now requires leather
  • Health Potion now requires Fruit Juice
  • Elixir now requires Antidote
  • Ward requires Polished Stone
  • Cake is now Simple Cake that requires egg instead of Jam
  • Berry Cake uses Cake, Jam, Berries, and Sugar as ingredients
  • Jam can be made with any fruit, requires Sugar, and is worth 3 red coins
  • Cloth can be made with wool or cotton
  • Food 'Gourmet' category moved to Specialty Goods. Dairy used instead as category in Food Market
  • Steam Pipe, Rail Tile, and Conveyor Belt are now sellable as Gadgets in the General Store
  • Butter is now sellable in Dairy
  • Fixed bug that allowed mines and farms to harvest items that were full within inventory, thus blocking output

.054a[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 5-Dec-2018

  • fixes small but important bug when trying to issue Harvest commands to workers standing in the middle of a footpath or road

.054[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 4-Dec-2018

  • New Resource: Fish. Appears on Ocean blocks, regenerates 1 per sec, doesn't get destroyed when reaches 0 count
  • New Worker Unit: Fishing Boat. Moves on Ocean Surface, can harvest & carry 8 fish at a time
  • New Research: Boatbuilding. Required for building Fishing Boat
  • Added new music tracks 3, 4, and 5 (and slightly updated track 1)
  • Added admin command 'generate fish' to add fish to legacy maps
  • Fixed blank scaffold appearing at center coordinate based on building preview blocks
  • Increased new Harvester inventories to 12
  • Fixed bug where admin mode resources couldn't be placed on valid farm tiles / tree planters
  • Admin resources can now only be placed on terrain tiles, not scaffolds, stone walls, etc
  • Fixed paths over sea level being unwalkable
  • Adjusted hitboxes on wagons and harvesters
  • Harvesters and Rail Carts now display their inventory contents
  • Fixed water not appearing correctly on purchased terrain
  • Fixed bug where 'default' start state was missing from create game menu
  • Drop-off target suggestions now take walkability into account
  • Fixed workers being unable to harvest sugar
  • Fixed buildings being unable to output onto steep belts or chutes
  • Increased min speed of chute items to reduce backups
  • Improved reliability of dragging from building target icons
  • Some performance improvements

.053b[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 29-Nov-2018

  • Fixed cursor display issues when using the Move tool
  • Fixed units being unable to harvest water from natural sources
  • Fixed units being able to walk underwater

.053a[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 29-Nov-2018

  • Fixed buildings not auto-supplying water

.053[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 28-Nov-2018

  • Added universal sea level water that always remains constant regardless of volumetric water flow
  • Added level-of-detail optimization to trees
  • Fixed gaps in default tree model
  • Fixed large delay when purchasing new terrain blocks
  • Fixed missing water on launch screen
  • Fixed transparent items not appearing beneath water
  • Fixed farmed crops and trees not replanting after being auto-harvested
  • Fixed bug where depleted mana could be used to slightly recharge a building's mana meter
  • Fixed bug where Mana Crytals could disappear if being processed by Receiver when another crystal arrives
  • Fixed bug where worker units could not be instructed to deliver a crop to a chute, belt, or location

.052[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 28-Nov-2018

  • Fixed Sugar not being plantable
  • Fixed issue with various crops not linking to associated buildings when planted
  • When placing Tree Planter, tiles near Farms now highlight in addition to Forester tiles
  • Fixed bug of being able to harvest invalid items with Wagons and Drills
  • Fixed bug of being able to connect a logic block to itself
  • Fixed bug where workers harvesting would 'drift' further from initial target, ignoring closer resources
  • Farms, Foresters and Mines now have dedicated output slots for each potential item
  • Farms, Foresters and Mines will produce a different output item if one of its output slots is full of randomly selected item
  • Packager production time reduced from 2 seconds to .5 seconds
  • Fixed icons and labels for packaged items
  • Added production time to crafting recipe descriptions
  • Made physical items fit closer to their path

.051a[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 21-Nov-2018

  • fixes bug where you couldn't place mining resources

.051[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 21-Nov-2018

  • Fixed bug preventing plantable Trees
  • Fixed bug preventing proper use of farming actions in hotbar
  • Planting Apples now requires Forestry research
  • New Barn model
  • New Mana Transmitter / Receiver models
  • Mana Transmitter now occupies a 1x1 tile instead of 3x3
  • Fixed load crash that would occur if Mana Pipe Item was in a Mana Connector without an underlying building
  • Added new admin command 'clear water' to remove all water from a map if it's causing errors
  • Fixed terrain textures not loading for paths & other blocks on game load
  • Disabled Mine upgrades
  • Improved speed indicator on Mine to more closely match output

.050[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 20-Nov-2018

  • Many changes to Farms & Foresters:
  • They harvest from nearby resources instead of creating from thin air
  • They can only link to resources that are on terrain
  • Their active range is now square
  • They no longer compete with nearby matching buildings for resources
  • They no longer gain production speed bonus based on number of nearby resources
  • They gain 100% speed bonus per additional worker instead of default 25%
  • Their max worker count increased to 10
  • They will automatically re-plant resources that they fully consume
  • Farm Tiles have Water and Fertilizer meters which each speed up crop growth
  • Re-grown crops & trees have 25% of inventory of wild-grown resources
  • Water and Fertilizer stored at the Farm will be automatically distributed to nearby Farm Tiles, if possible, when Farm work cycle completes
  • New 'Farming and Mining' category within Build menu, containing Farm Tiles, Tree Planters, and all crops & placeable minerals
  • Water and Fertilizer can be manually applied to Farm Tiles, using respective items within Farming and Mining menu
  • Building terrain highlights during placement are now square to prevent confusion with area of effect
  • Added Sugarcane resouce to world maps
  • Can place Farm Tiles and Tree Planters over matching natural resources
  • Building inventory panel now separates display of inputs & outputs
  • Mines' output assortment is now determined by nearby minerals.
  • Mines gain production speed bonus from nearby resources, but don't currently deplete them during harvest process

.049[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 15-Nov-2018

  • Fixed being unable to place Farm tiles
  • Blocker and Filter logistic blocks now respect their active state

.048[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 15-Nov-2018

  • More forgiving placement of buildings - can place edges on sloped terrain
  • When placing buildings on uneven terrain, scaffolds are automatically added to produce flat surface (at cost)
  • Boosted up Mana Ore output from Mines relative to Elemental Ores
  • Fixed issue preventing proper Packager production
  • One-Way blocks work now, and improved one-way icon
  • Fixed 'create workers' tutorial step requiring extra workers if base was manually placed
  • Fixed Paper using the wrong render when displayed as a physical item
  • Fixed workers getting stuck if you add a path while they are at a harvest or drop-off point
  • Fixed some navigation errors that may occur if deleting footpath underneath a worker
  • Can no longer delete a block that is supporting a worker
  • Added Intermediate Logistics research requirement for Blocker and Filter

.047[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 11-Nov-2018

  • fixes the issue where Grabber filters would not have the intended effect

.046[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 10-Nov-2018

  • Added many new items, which earn a variety of currencies which are used to complete research or construct special buildings.
  • Rebalanced almost all recipes and building costs
  • Many new icons
  • Added 2 new music tracks
  • Added magic rail tiles, that allow rail carts to travel up slopes without losing speed
  • Can place Logistic and Computational blocks on overlay grids
  • Happiness, Steam Power, and Magic Power are now multipliers of baseline production speed (num workers)
  • Added new mesh for Well
  • Wells no longer have misleading area-of-effect radius, and can be placed next to other wells without affecting production
  • Increased Well refill speed
  • Added 'mining' research requirement for Mine building
  • Research is now back to being a repeated cost of (specialized) currency, as opposed to up-front unlock
  • Small animation when items being harvested
  • Can now delete blocks even if there's a block above it
  • Elemental Stones are now rollable in chutes
  • Added new renders for Elemental Stones
  • Dams and Logic Lamps are now toggle-able with control-click
  • Fixed missing controls region when selecting some items
  • School is now unlocked automatically at base level 2
  • Kitchen is now unlocked automatically at base level 3
  • Non-solid structure & blocks now allow water to pass through
  • Barrier Gate requires Stone Brick instead of Iron Plate
  • Added new 'start conditions' option to Create game menu to start with various levels of resources & research completed
  • Reorganized Build menu
  • Splitter now has visible on/off toggle & item filter
  • Moved Gear, Iron Wheel, and Steam Pipe recipes to the Machine Shop (and removed Fuel requirement)
  • Fixed issue where only the R key would dismiss the research panel, regardless of what control is mapped to display it
  • Fixed Steam power sometimes failing to produce any power
  • Steam power production is now boosted by normal production multipliers
  • Steam power networks can now connect through buildings
  • Harvesters now travel the same speed on all terrain
  • Toggle block 'click' only plays when manually activated
  • Fixed bug where you could delete a transmitter or receiver mana pipe node and not replace it
  • Improved visibility of item filters on logic path blocks (like sorter, pusher, grabber)
  • Performance improvement when multiple belt / chute / pipe items on map
  • Fixed belt / chute / pipe items jumping around when building nearby

.045[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 10-Oct-2018

  • Research is now purchased/unlocked upfront with Gold, and then produced normally (without continuously spending Gold)
  • Added Splitter block - place on belt, chute, or rail and will route inputs in alternate directions
  • Added Number block - sets its internal value to whatever value it receives. Like a Set+Counter combo.
  • Can attach inventory sensors to Buildings
  • Crates no longer auto-output
  • Fixed spacebar activating worker add/remove buttons after clicking on them
  • Fixed Inventory Sensor having wrong icon when first placed
  • Added math operator icons
  • Fixed being unable to save after deleting a file without re-opening file menu
  • Fixed wrong sort display if opening Save panel
  • Fixed math block not initializing internal value when operator value changed
  • Can now specify the value in a Counter block
  • Enter will now submit value and close menu when changing numeric value of a logic block
  • Items dropped off will prefer inventory slots with a matching item filter over neutral slots
  • Bases are initialized with item filters for wood, stone, and planks
  • 'Create Worker' tutorial step now requires placement of 2 workers
  • Added back Pasture Research to prevent players from building Pasture before Farm
  • Animal Feed recipe is now unlocked by default when building a Grain Mill
  • Added progress bar on School to show current research progress
  • Upgrades and Research Purchases are now grouped separately in Building Recipe inspector
  • Raised Pasture Gold cost to 100 and lowered Plank cost to 20

.044[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 08-Oct-2018

  • Added Crates - are Buildings that have a limited storage but are available very early
  • Added 'recent' sort option to File menu
  • Added Item Slot inspector that allows you to empty an item slot or assign a filter (if applicable)
  • Fixed being unable to specify an agent to deliver a particular item to a location on the map
  • Fixed cursor error when click-dragging a Move command
  • Fixed water propagating off edge of map
  • When activating math block Number property, cursor can immediately begin editing
  • Improved display of Math Function config panel and Number Input panel
  • Shows correct error when trying to place Worker while at max population capacity
  • Fixed new games starting with previous games' pause state

.043[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 05-Oct-2018 (yes, the same day)

  • Number of Houses is now limited by Base upgrade level
  • Can upgrade base to increase house max and inventory space (4 slots and 100 capacity per level)
  • Base no longer autoresizes infinitely
  • Houses get +1 happiness if they have any supply fill for a goods category.
  • Otherwise, houses get 0 happiness (they never get negative happiness).
  • More menus are dismissable by clicking outside them.
  • Lowered stone brick sell value from 12 to 8.
  • Lowered sell value for Stone from 2 to 1.
  • Lengthened consumption time for most items.
  • Houses will now attempt to purchase another good as soon as they are done consuming
  • Houses only increase consumption speed by 10% per level, not 20%
  • Wagons can traverse the same uneven terrain that workers can
  • Fixed selection issues when clicking on empty terrain

.042[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 05-Oct-2018

  • Fixed overlay grids (pipes, etc) not expanding to fit new terrain chunks
  • Fixed 'add water' tool that was broken in previous update
  • Fixed odd white outline on terrain previews
  • Fixed camera jumping perspective when navigating back to game launch menu
  • Made text input more reliably jump into Admin console when activated

.041[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 03-Oct-2018

  • Added new 'Secondary Action' control (RMB by default) to perform context-sensitive actions like delete path/block, cancel, lower terrain, etc
  • Added new remappable control: 'Camera Look Mode' (default: Shift)
  • Added new remappable control: 'Camera Pan Mode' (default: MMB)
  • Added new remappable control: 'Cancel' (default: Z). ESC is hardcoded as alternate cancel
  • Now that canceling is easier, the default is now to build multiple buildings / agents
  • Fixed some display issues on Context Controls menu
  • Hotbar will deselect highlighted item when cursor changed
  • Building non-hollow block structures will erase underlying foot paths and roads

.040[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 01-Oct-2018

  • Added ability to purchase new chunks of terrain
  • Access to map generation tools via 'edit map' on Create Game screen
  • Added many new icons
  • Added official theme background music and a few placeholder background music tracks
  • Loading a game will set it as 'most recent game' that will be targeted with Resume action, even if not saved
  • Fixed alert icons appearing onscreen if their source is located behind the camera
  • Fixed big memory leak with recipes
  • Admin Mode is now saved with the game file
  • Agent Trigger now has Offset property
  • Reworked many menu interfaces
  • Reworked New Game screen, has new options, and can go back to Main Menu
  • On New Games screen, changes to settings are applied immediately to map, no need to regenerate
  • Speed up map generation

.039[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 17-Sep-2018

  • Fixed Move tool being unable to pick up Rail Carts
  • Fixed bug where picked up minecarts couldn't be rotated
  • Added recipes to Help menu
  • Added better error logging when save error occurs
  • Fixed 'copy selection' not working on rail carts

.038[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 13-Sep-2018

  • Added some sound effects
  • Added Hotbar: H to toggle. Press 1-8 to activate hotbar item. Shift+(1-8) to store into hotbar.
  • Press F1-F4 to change between custom Hotbar presets
  • Added 'Copy' tool - press C to switch the current cursor build object to whatever cursor is currently over
  • Fixed cursor timing issue that was sometimes resulting in skipping blocks during drag-create or drag-destroy actions
  • Added input control remapping (Options / Controls)
  • X to activate 'Remove Block' mode can now be toggled to easily remove blocks misplaced when building
  • RMB can no longer be used to remove blocks, instead is a universal camera control tool
  • Removed Z and C commands to change camera vertical angle
  • Moving agents, and collecting resources from chutes/belts, is now done with the Move tool (default:M)
  • Fixed Houses collecting nearby water
  • Fixed Mana Transmitter often getting 'Output Blocked' and not recovering
  • Can now 'Activate' (e.g. Toggle) a logic block by control-clicking on it, becaure RMB was repurposed
  • Added new 'Activate Block' remappable hotkey to activate a selected block (default: Enter)
  • Reduced Recharger cost from 5 gold to 2 gold
  • Increased default autosave time to 5 minutes
  • Lowered Gold cost of Farm tile from 10 to 5
  • Raise/Lower block and Flatten Up/Down are now dedicated tools, replacing right-click function
  • Delete Block / Remove Block Layer now dedicated tools, replacing right-click function
  • Added audio settings panel (even though some sliders currently have no effect)
  • Fixed some incorrect settings display when re-opening video or interface preferences
  • Improved display of many menus
  • Chute now requires Lumber Mill instead of Workshop
  • Widened Tutorial panel
  • Most scaffold blocks unlocked by Lumber Mill
  • Fixed unlock notifications still playing after exiting to main menu
  • Hitting the Rotate or Rotate Back key while in auto-path mode will switch to specified-path mode
  • Changed item sell values: Bread 20>10 (bug: actual 15), Stone Brick 8>12, Outfit 25>35, Remedy 8>6, Health Potion 12>14, Elixir 30>35, Enchanted Book 50>45, Ward 25>30, Omnistone 50>100

.037[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 06-Sep-2018

  • Instead of purchasing an item ASAP, Houses will only buy an item if their satisfaction bar drops low enough
  • Markets will sell more aggressively if they have a surplus of a particular item type, which rewards faster goods supply
  • Market can also be upgraded to allow more aggressive selling to nearby Houses
  • Pasture and Mine upgrades now cost increasing amount of resources
  • Goods deliveries directly to houses will still be purchased ASAP (as soon as house is done consuming other item)
  • Higher quality goods will take longer to consume at Houses
  • While a Good is being consumed by a house, its Satisfaction meter for that good will staty at 100%
  • Market display now includes bars representing supply of each goods type, followed by a grid of each owned item type
  • Markets now have reserved capacity for each potential item type, so excess supply of a lower-tier good will not block deposits of higher-tier goods
  • When placing a chute, rail, or conveyor belt, the tiles outside a building will be highlighted with directional arrows to indicate input or output effects
  • Fixed some load issues that might result in Houses refusing to buy even with a full market nearby
  • Increased Gold value for bread from 15 to 20
  • Decreased Gold value for Iron Plate from 20 to 12
  • Increased Gold value for Enchanted Book to 50
  • Costs above 1000 are represented with K
  • Lowered Gold cost of most buildings
  • Fixed bug with final house upgrade
  • Fixed Forester not displaying production speed bonus of extra allocated workers

.036[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Capped max unhappiness penalty at -50%
  • Overall town happiness indicator smiley face now based on ratio of provided happiness / max happiness
  • Kitchen now requires Metallurgy research, instead of a Forge
  • Updated tutorial to reflect new House / Market system
  • House Goods tooltips now reflect their sell price
  • Can now pause and unpause in any modal menu that doesn't force a pause state
  • Build menu will update affordability color if inventory changes while menu is open
  • Stone can now be delivered to Level 2+ houses to satisfy Shelter need (earns 2 gold)
  • Herbs can now be delivered to Level 4+ houses to satisfy Medicine need (earns 2 gold)
  • Increased sell value of cloth, outfit, iron plate
  • A specific error message is shown when trying to build without enough Population capacity
  • Can now switch recipes instantly without waiting for current recipe to complete, avoids issue of getting permanently output blocked
  • Fixed a migration issue from pre-.035 preventing proper Recipe loading on buildings that were previously Output Blocked
  • Removed limitation that Schools would not produce without a buffer of 100 gold. Players can instead remove workers from school
  • Fixed Steam Pipe layout tool not creating connections to underlying building at the start point of dragged line
  • Reduced Fertilizer cost of Tree planter from 5 to 2
  • Reduced duration of well's water production from 5 seconds to 2
  • Fixed mana transmitter and receiver nodes casting shadows

.035[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Houses now consume goods at a fixed maximum rate, allowing for more predictable Happiness & Gold income
  • Happiness is now calculated based on every house good satisfaction level, and each point of happiness adds a +1% production speed or penalty
  • Production from Farms, Foresters, Mines, and Schools now cost gold
  • Added Void building that erases any item sent to it
  • Mana Rechargers gold cost increased from 1 to 5
  • Got rid of 'output blocked' indicator
  • Schools can now be assigned extra workers, or no workers to shut them off
  • Added new 'Basic Logic' research, which unlocks Steam Power and Cloth Belts
  • Added new 'Intermediate Logic' research, which unlocks Pusher, Grabber, and Sorter
  • Logic no longer depends on Mana research being complete
  • Baseline Mine output timing increased from 2 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Screenshot button is now F11, and hides menu during screenshot, and opens screenshot folder automatically
  • Right-click + drag can now control camera
  • Shift-R will rotate a cursor placement counterclockwise
  • Can now place natural resources in Admin mode
  • Fixed minecarts only picking up partial loads from Base
  • Fixed Steam Power plants sometimes not consuming resources
  • Fixed highlight size around 1x1 buildings
  • Research panel no longer auto-pauses game
  • Can now build on scaffolds even if underlying block has uneven terrain
  • Cursor automatically resets after placing Building or Unit, but can hold Left Shift to build multiple, or turn on new interface preference 'Default Build Multiple'

.034[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Added 'Remove Block' (Bulldozer) tool - hit X, or Shovel icon in bottom toolbar to activate. Will remove and refund any player-built blocks or paths
  • Remove Block tool right-click behavior is to sample the highlighted structure, and then only destroy that structure while you drag
  • Renamed 'Terrain' build category to 'Tools' and added 'Remove Block' tool there
  • Fixed incorrect Context Tooltip when Remove Resource tool was active
  • Added 'Empty' map preset for totally flat, resource-free maps
  • Minecart is now unlocked with Railroad research, Harvester is unlocked with Machinery research
  • Fixed bug where you could no longer replace Conveyor Belts with similar belts facing a different direction
  • Updated game icon
  • Can now delete trees planted on top of Scaffolding
  • Camera resets when backing out of file into main menu
  • ESC key will close Item Filter Selection panel
  • Made many UI elements larger
  • Timer block now has configurable timer duration, and outputs the received value (instead of 0) when timer expires
  • Renamed 'Gate Function Block' to 'Signal Gate', renamed 'Logic Gate' block to 'Bool Function'
  • Signal Gate now updates color & icon to reflect gate openness state
  • Pushers, Grabbers, and Sorters have better icons and border color that changes to reflect active state
  • Fixed Tooltip window so it doesn't stay up when selecting item from Build menu
  • Fixed bugs that may occur related to common inventory when player is missing a base
  • Fixed bug where Remove Resource tool would frequently ignore objects
  • Fixed ability to put a conveyor belt perpendicular to a block's slope
  • Removed RMB to cancel structure, was resulting in inadvertent cursor resets

.033[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Added Wood Bridge
  • Added Stone Bridge
  • Added Wood Pillar Scaffold
  • Added Stone Pillar Scaffold
  • Added Wood Arch
  • Added Stone Arch
  • Added Stairs
  • Added Road Ramp
  • Fixed nav error when harvest action suggests nearby chute
  • Fixed nav error where Stone Walls were not navigable on their top surface
  • Kitchen now costs Iron Plates instead of Planks, and is unlocked from Forge instead of Grain Mill
  • Removed Water requirement from Steam Power research
  • Fixed bug where Steam Power Plants were not actually supplying any power to attached buildings
  • Fixed Steam plant generating Steam when building is disabled
  • Renamed Rail Gate to Barrier Gate
  • One-Way block is now unlocakble with Logic research

.032[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Chute and Conveyor belts will be suggested as nearby Harvest dropoff points
  • Objects can now be delivered to higher levels of buildings (up to 2 higher than ground)
  • Reduced house goods consumption rates for early upgrades
  • Increased supply value of flour from 5 to 6
  • Increased gold value of flour from 4 to 5
  • Changed Road placement cost from 2 Stone Bricks to 1 Stone Brick + 2 Gold
  • Changed Mana Pipe placement gold cost from 4 to 10
  • Changed Cloth cost from 2 Wool to 1 Wool
  • Changed Farm Tile from 5 Fertilizer to 2 Fertilizer + 20 Gold
  • Fertilizer can be used as a Fuel source
  • Changed House population cap provied from 2/4/6/8/10 to 2/4/7/10/14
  • Decreased Farm's Grain baseline production time from 5 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Increased Forester 'nearby tree' production bonus by 20%
  • Reduced Barn Gold cost from 50 to 40
  • Fixed issue where Enchanters could not be assigned more workers
  • Can no longer build Scaffold blocks on top of units
  • Improved worker Avoidance when only possible path blocked by another worker
  • Disabled obsolete Resistor structure
  • Lowered School Materials requirement for Metal research
  • Increased School Materials requirement for Medicine research
  • Fixed issue where you could easily over-populate by reactivating a building then adding 1 worker
  • Fixed positioning error on Building outlet arrow

.031[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Fixed bug where cursor would jump around when placing Barn
  • Fixed Upgrade button not updating its display & cost when clicked

.030[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Buildings now require Worker Capacity (this may cause spike in unhappiness in older save files)
  • You can assign extra workers to buildings to boost production speed, or remove workers to pause production
  • Research recipes now use generic Writing Supplies instead of specifically paper or books
  • Added Item Tooltip menu (with toggleable preference)
  • Fixed issue where targeting commands would accidentally target another unit
  • Improved highlighting of craft recipe buttons
  • Item icons will not block clicks from activating craft recipe buttons
  • Reduced Animal Feed production time from 4 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Moved Enchanter to the Mana category of the building menu
  • Added new icon for Mana Pipe
  • Can now use right-mouse click to cancel a build action
  • Expanded with of Recipe Selection menu
  • Default Framerate set to 60

.029[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Fixed Mana Forges not being able to change their recipe
  • Added building cost for Enchanter
  • Fixed bug that you couldn't directly delete rail carts
  • Fixed typo in controls menu for camera rotation
  • Fixed mana / steam grids not scaling with map
  • Removed exlcusive fullscreen mode in favor of fullscreen windowed mode, to improve stability

.028[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Lowered Stone Brick production time from 5 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Improved performance of main player inventory panel
  • Fixed Pause being visible on the launch menu
  • Fixed Sorter and Pusher having wrong icon when initially built
  • Remove Resource tool will actually subtract its cost from player inventory
  • Units will no longer attempt to deliver items to Silos that have an incompatible item filter
  • Added slight preference for wagons to use Footpaths, and small speed boost
  • Made Coal, Iron Ore, Mana, and Elemental Stones difficult-walkable by workers and unwalkable by wagons
  • Workers that were delivering to unspecified Houses will prioritize the nearby Market instead
  • Removed bright pink path error debug lines
  • Can now build overlay (logic) structures on top of occupied paths
  • Stopped Packager from autofilling with nearby water

.027[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Added new Terrain Tool: Delete Resource
  • Fixed workers being unable to correctly navigate over Rail tiles
  • Added Enchanter for producing Magic Conveyor Belts, Elixers, and other late game goods
  • Fixed Bakery / Kitchen being locked
  • Mana Pipe paths must now be built using Mana Pipe items, created at the Enchanter
  • Moved Omnistone recipe to Enchanter
  • Book removed from Luxury goods, replaced with Enchanted Book (made at Enchanter)
  • Added Ward item, produced at Enchanter, and supplies Luxury to Houses
  • Final House upgrade requires Enchanted Book

.026[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Reworked early game progression & tutorial, modified many recipe & building costs
  • Workers can now drop off to any part of Chute, which should reduce clumping
  • Can now choose map size on Create Game menu
  • Can now choose to manually place base on Create Game menu
  • You can now place paths on top of units, as long as they are compatible
  • Metal Conveyor Belt now requires Cloth Belt as ingredient
  • Removed shadows from overhead Mana structures
  • Fixed game unpausing while in some menus

.025[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Expanded map size by 4x
  • Added AutoSave
  • Houses now provide 2 additional population capacity per level
  • Game auto-pauses when you open menu (and resumes on menu close, if game wasn't previously paused)
  • Fixed Fuel slots from failing to work properly on recipe change or newly created building
  • Fixed Mana Forge not being able to switch recipes
  • Increased Coal and Iron Ore default natural resource amount
  • Iron plate costs fewer resources and is produced faster
  • Markets are no longer affected by Happiness multiplier

.024[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Fixed conveyor belt reverse textures
  • Can now delete and replace / refund other conveyor belt types if you have any conveyor belt type selected
  • Fixed bug where admin command was not fully allowing resource deletion
  • New interface option: enable / disable interface bubbles
  • Reduced cloth cost of cloth belt from 2 to 1
  • Fixed workers being unable to drop off items to cloth and magic belts

.023[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Added Herb resource
  • Added Cloth Conveyor Belt path structure
  • Renamed Bakery to Kitchen
  • Added Poultice recipe at Workshop
  • Added Remedy recipe at Kitchen
  • Changed Plank recipe from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Changed Leather recipe from 5 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Reduced Stone Brick recipe from 8 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Reduced Population Requirement for Wagons and Harvesters
  • Increased default capacity for most natural resources
  • Increased supply value for Plank from 2 to 3
  • Lowered research requirement for Pasture and Bakery
  • Removed Save prompt when in main menu
  • Added more ingredients to House upgrade

.022[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

  • Wagons now can only carry items of the same type, which should resolve lots of confusing wagon behavior
  • Increased effect of tilt shift
  • Added shadows effect & video preference
  • Added video preference for SSAO, Antialiasing, Vsync, Windowed mode, Resolution
  • Default launch mode is now fullscreen
  • Removed duplicate water effect when loading maps
  • Removed pre-launch settings window
  • Fixed new default terrain from being created if navigating back to launch screen from Options menu
  • Fixed zoom map control being active in launch menu
  • Fixed wagons only displaying 3 out of 4 items
  • Fixed worker units removing items from Market when supplying other buildings
  • Fixed houses sometimes showing incorrect happiness values
  • Houses will consume goods that exceed its current supply capacity if their happiness is otherwise lowered
  • Workers with 'pick up' behavior will seek out closest provider building even if current inv count is 0
  • Cloth is worth 5 supply, Outfit worth 15, Book worth 10
  • Low Happiness penalty changed from -20% to -10%
  • Very Low Happiness penalty changed from -50% to -25%
  • Lowered research requirement for Forestry and Metallurgy
  • Fixed gold and 'population' from being added to base inventory when deleting some workers
  • Removed obsolete 'Access Configuration' from Barn
  • Fixed buildings auto-outputting items when Grabber Filter should take precedence
  • Fixed tooltips & cursor highlights getting stuck if alt-tabbing out of application
  • Added 'save game?' prompt if game state changes after last save

.021[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 24-Jul-2018

  • Improved Supply behavior - can now supply multiple items to a building and prioritize based on building demand
  • Title bar now disappears when navigating to Load menu
  • Fixed some missing navigation nodes on edge of map
  • Wood Wheel now costs 2 Planks instead of 4 wood
  • Iron Wheel now costs 2 Iron Plate instead of 2 Iron Ore
  • Iron Gear now costs 2 Iron Plate instead of 2 Iron Ore
  • Lowered Stone Mason gold cost from 250 to 200
  • Added tilt-shift video effect
  • Improved launch menu display
  • Fixed bug when dropping off item to chute in an uphill direction
  • Fixed item overlaps that may occur if chute object starts rolling backwards
  • When delivering goods to unspecified houses, workers will target the house with the highest demand for that goods category
  • Workers holding an item can now issue 'Drop Off' command to non-storage building
  • Fixed error where resources were not being refunded on building or path deletion
  • Fixed error where house happiness and gold alerts would get stuck if you deleted underlying house

.020[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 22-Jul-2018

  • Fixed bug where deleting an building or worker wouldn't properly refund gold cost
  • Selected objects now show context commands
  • Made display of building production outlets more consistent, and also shown when Overlay button is pressed
  • Added Structures into help menu
  • Admin mode now allows natural resource deletion
  • Added more item description text entries
  • Disabled obsolete Rail Switch block
  • Fixed some crashes on game load, and automatically opens output_log window on load error

.019[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 19-Jul-2018

  • Houses now provide 2 capacity by default
  • Fixed bug where workers would get destroyed if you right-click-dragged onto them while on a road
  • Added help lines to display highlighted or selected workers' pickup targets and dropoff destinations
  • Pressing data overlay key (F) will also show all worker's targeting paths
  • Fixed bug where markets would repeatedly deliver certain goods to houses that were full
  • Improved prioritization of Market to sell available goods based most urgent need of nearby houses
  • Having more workers than capacity (e.g. deleting too many houses) will drop Happiness to 0
  • When you can't afford a building, game tells you via message what you're missing
  • Lowered Wagon Gold cost to 40
  • Lowered Worker Gold cost to 10 (for real this time)
  • Rail Carts no longer require population capacity
  • Fixed bugs that may occur after using the Flatten tool
  • Made Flour worth 4 gold instead of 5
  • Made Flour worth 5 supply instead of 3

.018[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 17-Jul-2018

  • Houses register with existing Markets on creation and upgrade, so they get proper delivery of goods
  • Houses can now be linked to multiple Markets, not just the closest one.
  • Adjusted house consumption values to strike a better balance between Gold income and Happiness maintenance
  • A house supply value of < 25% will provide 0 Happiness, only drops to -1 when supply is totally empty
  • Made preview highlight tiles more transparent
  • Prevented workers from harvesting resources that are submerged in water
  • Reworked House happiness indicators to be more obvious
  • Fixed bug where currentFileName would preserve after quitting and starting new map, thus possibly overwriting via quicksave
  • Increased width of inventory panel
  • Lowered worker cost from 15 gold to 10 gold
  • Prevented Workers from walking up terrain that is too steep
  • Only water-consuming buildings display water-supply preview tiles

.017[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 13-Jul-2018

  • Better quality house goods will provide more house supply
  • Houses will consume goods faster as they are upgraded
  • Houses have more inventory space for goods as they are upgraded
  • Fixed pathing errors that would occur when moving terrain underneath worker units
  • Added preference option to disable tutorial messages
  • Prevented terrain modification underneath buildings or near paths or structures
  • Fixed bug where cursor would disappear after raising/lowering terrain, making repeated clicks impossible
  • Fixed bug where Happiness meter would remain when deleting house
  • Changed House Goods consumption rate to be more forgiving at early levels
  • Chute objects will no longer go uphill, but will also behave more consistently

.016[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 11-Jul-2018

Big change is new Happiness system. I wasn't happy with the old system where your worker cap would decrease. It was confusing and unsatisfying. Now, worker cap is persistent and simple - You get +1 capacity for every House, and +1 for every house Upgrade. Happiness is a passive bonus or penalty to production speed. Supply goods to Houses to maintain happiness.

Also made the following changes:

  • Added context menu to list relevant input commands based on current cursor mode
  • Added tooltips to Game Status header items
  • Stopped Grabber from outputting when no viable path for item in Grabber node
  • Fixed Grabbers pulling out recipe ingredients
  • Fixed Grabbers sometimes losing connection to building and being unable to grab anything
  • Grabbers no longer work without underlying Chute or Belt
  • Grabbers work more consistently when attached buildings are added or removed mid-game
  • Grabbers will update linked building when rotated
  • Added more fixed framerate options
  • Fixed issue where items being auto-outputted from buildings onto neutral chutes would get stuck
  • Can now right-click to delete 'orphan' items without a path
  • Changed Plank cost from 4 wood to 2 wood
  • Cleaned out some obsolete items in Guide / Help menu, added Units category, removed Recipe

.015[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 08-Jul-2018

  • Changed header gold icon to match icon when houses produce gold
  • Added video preferences panel within Options
  • Added Framerate Cap in video preferences
  • Fixed some inactive buttons on in-game menu
  • Prevented ESC button closing menu while at Title screen
  • Version notes pops up automatically if new, and displays last version launched
  • Fixed load error that might occur if units were stuck in a position without a navigation node

.014[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 06-Jul-2018

  • Added terrain generation options on New Game Create
  • Grain and Wood are now rollable in chutes
  • Farm is available from the start
  • Greatly increased framerate with GPU instancing
  • Lowered resource costs of early research
  • New Logic structure: Grabber, which actively pulls specified items out of building
  • On new maps, primary base location takes preference for existing flat locations instead of always being in middle
  • Can no longer build structures like Chutes inside of buildings, natural resources, or on top of worker units
  • Fixed File menu sticking around when hitting Back
  • TAB key will activate admin console in addition to backquote / tilde
  • ESC will now open the main game menu if no other menu open
  • Tree planter unlocks with Forestry research, doesn't rely on Forester building
  • Mana Stones added to output of Mine
  • Updated some resource spawn distributions
  • Pushers can now have an Item Filter
  • Fixed build menu buttons being disabled when they should be enabled
  • Mana Transmission research now requires purified mana
  • Fixed Hotkeys activating items that aren't unlocked yet
  • Prevented Base deletion

.013[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 25-Jun-2018

  • Worker units are now created from the Build menu, and updated tutorial accordingly
  • Increased default grain & tree capacity
  • Fixed gold & research persisting to New Game if player exited previous game
  • Added middle-mouse-hold camera control
  • Can now remove gold with admin command 'r Gold X' where X is amount to remove
  • Made terrain modifications near water much more stable

.012[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 24-Jun-2018

  • Fixed worker teleportation issue on low quality settings
  • Switchted to 64-bit built to prevent some Steam plugin crashes

.011[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 23-Jun-2018

  • fixes well not working
  • fixes workers not being able to harvest water
  • fixed controls menu missing or having duplicates
  • screenshot is now f12, to avoid conflict with typing '.' in save game name
  • Made roads less shiny

.010[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Released 23-Jun-2018

  • First released version on Steam for private beta